What’s a Drop?

A drop, according to the built-in Mac dictionary, is a small round or pear-shaped portion of liquid that hangs or falls or adheres to a surface. A drop can also describe a dose of dispensed liquid medicine, like eye drops, for instance, that help us see clearly. Drop can refer to setting something down or unloading it, allowing oneself to fall, or doing things without delay (at the drop of a hat). It can also describe a delivery of goods by parachute, an animal giving birth, or a nip of strong alcohol that aims to set you straight.

And while it will borrow fluidly from these definitions and images, on this blog, a Drop refers specifically to a brief piece of prose. Here, the Drop becomes the tool I’ll use to flood the world with fiction. 

Drops are tiny movies formed only of text (usually between 200 and 800 words; sometimes more; sometimes less), to absorb and interact with as you wish. They tend to deal with conflict (the basic building block of all decent fiction) on some level, or highlight the incongruities in daily life that may cause us pain, or make us laugh, but generally show life at its most interesting and engaging. I hope, in time, people will start their day reading one of my Drops, which demand little effort or commitment up front, but might linger. And tomorrow there will be another, and every day thereafter, to read or ignore, forget or revisit, get a kick out of or relate to.


One Response to What’s a Drop?

  1. thomaswrites says:

    I love this! Drops and floods….I’ve just got into the flash-fiction game and I’ve always thought the phrase sounded a bit crass. I sometimes think of my pieces as vignettes but that doesn’t always describe them adequately. Either way both phrases are better than FF. Keep up the good work!

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