let it out, let it in, let it out, out of you, 

and bring something into this world

from Nude, by Mi and L’au

My purpose here is simple: to bring something into the world, and my method is writing, and more precisely, fiction. So, apart from occasionally blogging about day-to-day things, I will write and share a specific type of short fiction here, and lots of it – hence the title: Fiction Flood. I want to flood the world with fiction. I want it to be frequent, free, accessible, arousing, efficient and entertaining, but mostly, I want it to exist in a public space, available to more than a handful of eyes and minds. The act of writing is  immensely rewarding in itself, but writing evolves into something broader, more alive when shared, when read.

I call these short pieces ‘Drops’ (described further in the tab to the right) and I aim to post one every other day or so for at least a year.

One last thing: since the turnover is so high, with new Drops replacing the old ones so often, please have a look through the archives. It would be sad if every Drop’s shelf life was only hours, when in the end, we all aim for eternity.


4 Responses to Mission

  1. E. Raven says:

    Great blog. I’m glad I finally found it and now I want to read all your new posts!

  2. I’m really liking your blog. I’m going to start following you around if you don’t mind. 🙂

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