Elvis Tell

Hello everyone,

It’s Elvis Tell (aka E.M.Vireo). First post in a very long time. The Drops had a nice run but it’s time for a new direction, so this is my new project and creative brand: Elvis Tell.

I’ve been working on the website, https://elvistell.com for a while. Check it out.

It’s pretty hard to create content anyone wants to click on, especially if it includes words instead of only short videos, memes and GIFs, but hopefully this is something interesting, and will grow into something great. The site is just a starting point, an initial platform, but there’s quite a bit of content on there already. It describes some of the fiction I’ve written and dabbles in copy and imagery. It also introduces certain themes I am working with, particularly the Lust-Love Equation, and features a short non-fiction book I wrote on the topic: A Lust-Love Manifesto. I’m curious to see what people think of the ideas it outlines. I’ll have it as a downloadable PDF some time too.

Coming soon on the site: blog, gallery, and project pages that will present efforts in audio/pod, image, video, mixed media art stuff, creating and playing with characters, and documenting experimental interactions with the public.


Hopefully this finds all of you still following, directly or through email.

If anyone is active on Instagram or Twitter, lets hook up there too.


Have a look. Keep in touch. Share with your friends and like-minded people.

Add to the Equation.

Much Love,
Elvis Tell


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