Drop 161: Haircut

scissorsJim was at the bar, talking to some guy.

“Hey, Jim,’ I said, interrupting them. ‘Nice new haircut you got there.’


‘Thanks!’ I mocked, stepping left and right to view his whole head. ‘You can’t think I’m being serious? Looks like the rats have been nibbling at that skull of yours.’


‘What, you going to one of those blind hairdressers now?’


‘Oh yeah, I remember, you have some fancy new guy conveniently coming to your place.’


‘Honestly, buddy, he should pay you for the chance to butcher your head like that! Just a terrible cut. I’d go as far as calling it an abomination. Anyway, buy you a drink, drown your sorrows. Buy one for your pal here too.’ I stick out my hand to introduce myself.

‘Oh sorry, where are my manners?’ Jim says. ‘This is Serge. My barber.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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