Drop #158: Pleasure

privacy‘So, tell me, man,’ he said excitedly, nudging my shoulder, ‘how was last night?’

‘Amazing. Just incredible. Maybe the best ever.’

‘Seriously? Awesome!’

‘Yeah. She was relentless. Went on for hours.’

‘Wow. And what a hottie too.’

‘So hot, and so good at what she does. God, she blew me away. Waves and waves of pleasure.’


‘And when I thought it was done, she started all over again, working every inch of my body. Talk about stamina.’

‘I told you, dude. She’s a real pro. Top of the line. She came over last week when Susan was out of town, perfectly punctual, and very low-key. I love how she makes you feel so comfortable about it all.’

‘Totally,’ I said.

‘Did she pull out all those insane lubricating oils?’

‘Sure did. That took it over the edge. I already scheduled another session. I think I’ll try the deep tissue this time.’

‘Good call.’

By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

2 Responses to Drop #158: Pleasure

  1. rudston says:

    love this piece.

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