Drop #150: Beach

beachHot day at the beach. We rent two sun beds, pay cash. They’re a bit expensive and a little far from the sea, but they’ll do. After a while two attractive women take the beds beside ours. Tim quickly strikes up conversation and soon we’re all chatting and laughing and learning superficial things about each other. They are cousins from Sweden, traveling through Europe together. One is a teacher, the other is in marketing. As usual, Tim tells the story of how we became friends: two guys who grew up in the same small town, but only met in a far away big city years later.

The sun is relentless, the sky cloudless. We suggest a swim but the girls want to tan some more first. ‘We’ll watch your bags,’ they say.

We thank them and head off over the hot sand. Takes a good five minutes to reach the water’s edge. The water is clear, calm and much colder than expected. Waist deep, the thought first strikes me, and I say it out loud: ‘You think those girls can be trusted?’

‘What?’ Tim asks.

‘We just met them, and we’re pretty far away. They could easily steal our shit and be long gone by the time we get back.’

‘They didn’t seem the types.’

‘We have all out stuff in those bags.’

‘I’m sure it’s fine,’ Tim says, doing breaststroke in a small circle. ‘We’re kind of broke, anyway. Not that much cash in there to steal. Couple hundred, max.’

‘Dude! What about the credit cards and IDs?’ I’m still standing in the same spot, with arms folded over my dry torso. ‘My passport’s in there too. Think about it, it’s a perfect plan. Two hot girls make friends with two guys, charm them–’

‘Thought I was doing the charming!’

‘Gain their trust, wait for them to leave for a faraway beach, stay behind and suggest watching their bags–’

‘They did suggest that, didn’t they? And they did choose those seats.’

‘They could have sat anywhere. You really think it was because of our good looks? Come on, I’m getting paranoid. Let’s head back.’

‘OK.’ Tim makes an immediate move for the shore. He’s a good guy.

We hurry back, nervous, fearing the worst. Of course they are still there, all smiles, blonde hair and tanned legs. They both really are quite beautiful. Relieved, we buy a round of beers that go down way too easy in the sun as we chat and flirt.

‘Our turn to swim,’ the taller one says, fanning herself with a magazine. ‘You coming?’

‘Nah. Too lazy.’ ‘Keep an eye on our bags?’

‘Of course.’ We watch them walk off, mostly watching their lovely behinds.

As soon as they are out of sight, Tim motions towards their bags. ‘You thinking what I’m thinking?’

‘You read my mind, buddy. I figure we have a good ten minutes. We can be gone in three.’

‘Good. Let’s roll.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

One Response to Drop #150: Beach

  1. Ryan C. Ashton says:

    Haha. Nice one.

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