Drop 136: Locked Up

padlock‘All done? I’m closing up.’

‘Yeah,’ she says, watching mating cranes dance on TV.

‘You sure?’


He carefully seals the Ziploc bag, checking twice it’s airtight, and puts it in the small cloth sack. He pulls its strings tight and ties them in a firm triple knot. He folds over the slack and slides the sack carefully, face up, into the embossed leather satchel, pushing it gently into the corner to ensure a snug fit. The satchel goes into the metal box, which is locked with a combination of three 5 number combinations and two simultaneous key turns; the box, in turn, goes into a reinforced oak chest which is wrapped lengthwise, then widthwise in a heavy chain, which is locked with a half-inch padlock. All keys are now stored in a small pouch which is duly locked (by combination) in a small titanium case, which he places, by way of step-ladder, in the safe in the study at the back of the house, behind the master bookshelf’s oversized top row of books (East Asian night markets and Taxidermy). Upon his return, he gets back to the chest, cloaking it in a heavy blanket, which he secures with a full roll of packing tape. He carries it down the double flight of stairs to the basement and deposits it in the trapdoor under the Persian rug, which he then kneels down to roll back out.

‘Done,’ he says, getting back to Jade and plopping down beside her. ‘Phew!’

‘Huh, what?’ She says, watching a snow leopard hunt mountain goats on a sheer cliff wall, then looks at him. ‘Hey, give me the baggy again for a second. I need one more thing from it.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

2 Responses to Drop 136: Locked Up

  1. vwjimsteward says:

    sexist comment: the female of the species.
    I guess the contents were potato chips

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