Drop 123: Tea and Scarves

–Where’s Emily?landscape

–Looking at that temple down the road.

–She take the camera?

–I guess.

–We should put the pics on the laptop.

–Did that yesterday.

–Cool, so we can clear the disk.

–Done. 4 free gigs, baby.



It’s the third last night of an eighteen day trip through SE Asia. They’ve splurged on three rooms with air con.


–I’m so thrilled with the gifts we got today. The scarves. The bamboo flute. The tea.

–Yeah. My mom’s going to love her little hand carved jewellery box.

–Mine too. Hey, let’s have another look at the stuff.

–Don’t you have the bag?

–Thought you had it.


They look around, then Sarah goes to check her room. She’s back after a few minutes.


–No. Nothing. Maybe Emily has it.

–Probably. As long as it isn’t lost.

–Yeah. That would suck.


They sit on the bed and play cards till Emily shows.


–Amazing temple. Dude was doing this insane ritual with a coconut, smashing it at the end.

–Do you have the bag with the gifts?

–It’s in the computer bag.

–Ah. Cool. Do you mind getting it? We want to have another look.

–What do you mean? I don’t have it.

–You said it was in the computer bag.

–Yeah. I don’t have the computer bag. I thought you did.


By EM Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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