Drop #116: Lunch

Megan makes a face. ‘Talk about dry fish,’ she says.

‘Looks like it was frozen,’ says Jane. ‘And I’ll tell you: this lamb is tough as nails.’

‘The mash is lumpy too, and kind of greasy.’

‘And my broccoli is extremely over cooked.’

‘Yes. That shade of green is rather off-putting.’

‘What a shame,’ says Jane, fiddling a fork through her food. ‘I had high hopes for this place, but the entire experience has been quite underwhelming.’

‘Even the bread was stale.’

‘And the butter hard.’

‘And I hate when they put fruit in the drinking water.’

‘Me too. It really lacks class.’

‘I’ll certainly never come here again.’

‘You can say that again.’


The waiter approaches with the water jug, orange wedges decaying on its surface like half eaten seals in the shallows.

‘How are we doing here, ladies?’ he asks, reaching their table. ‘Everything to your satisfaction?’

‘Oh, it’s all great, thanks,’ they answer in unison, breaking out two broad smiles. ‘Just wonderful.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #116: Lunch

  1. Only the other day I was wondering when you’d drop another one. Good to see you back. And with a classic twist

  2. jim says:

    Cut the tip and cut the crap reply.

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