Not Concrete

Most who haven’t been to Hong Kong think the city is all skyscrapers. Only concrete, metal and glass. Not so. I had the chance to go out into its further reaches the other day. I took some photos:

no smog

These boats were only buckets now:


leaf water

I was quite alone, but of course I had many friends to keep me company:

magpie perch

white eye


The butterflies, moths and dragonflies were out in force, and particularly lovely:

color at rest


hangin on

Some, however, had not reached their destination:


But could anything be lovelier than the lilies I encountered?

shades of black


store now open

I found the idyllic lily ponds hard to leave.

up and round

But eventually did, by way of this peaceful path:

way through

And onwards, out towards the rigid buildings and business of humankind. But not before one final visitor landed on my wrist (band), resting a while, as if to bid me farewell:

skinny visitor

And now I bid farewell to you.

E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
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8 Responses to Not Concrete

  1. germgirl says:

    Next time I’m in Hong Kong I’ll explore further than I did last time!

  2. aurumeve says:

    Your images are beautiful and capture the quality and serenity of the moments! I love the snail photo! ~ Global Jewelry

  3. I went to Hong Kong ten years ago when SARS happened and loved Lamma and Lantau Islands. Really beautiful. Love photos

  4. Jim says:

    The eye of the beholder is well focused

  5. John Wiswell says:

    So many friends to be had, and such lovely photos. I particularly enjoy the one of the boat filled with water sharing in the reflection. That’s just lovely.

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