Drop #107: Insane Food Weekend, Part 1

tasty morselI didn’t need to give him the keys till Thursday, but I pushed to meet him tonight. He had mentioned on the phone that he’d had an insane food weekend and I wanted to hear about it. I am really into food and kind of follow what’s happening in the culinary world. I know who the main players, the superstar chefs and sommeliers are, keep up with restaurant openings and closings, and with exciting food trends. But I seldom have the time or money to pursue fine dining as a pastime. I save up sometimes to eat at a Michelin starred restaurant, and people treat me to a good meal once in a while, but even though I like it more than anything, I rarely have truly great food. So I’ve developed the habit of living vicariously through the eating exploits of others, and the stories they share.

‘You didn’t need to come all the way over here today,’ he said, half pulling out a chair at the bar as he stayed sitting. ‘I could have got the keys later in the week when we we’re both in city for work, or you could have even given them to Julie.’

‘No bother,’ I said, sitting down, then ordered a bottle of Bud.

We chatted for a while and he wouldn’t bring it up on his own, so I finally said: ‘so, you mentioned you had an insane food weekend.’

‘Um, yeah,’ he answered, with the beer glass in his mouth. ‘It was ridiculous.’

‘Tell me about it.’

‘Where to begin? Jesus.’

‘How about starting at the beginning and working your way through to the end?’

‘Dude, there were so many meals and drinks and dishes. I might bore you.’

‘I doubt it,’ I said. ‘So, what was first?’

‘Friday. I’d just got out of the shower, and was planning a simple night at home with a few DVDs, right, but I get a call from this girl I know who tells me she’s on the list plus one for some restaurant opening and her date stood her up, and did I want to come. She’s really cute so I told her sure.’

‘Details. I need details. What was the restaurant called?’

‘Um.’ He scrunched up his face like a chipmunk. ‘Solosi, or something. It was an Italian joint.’


‘Wait, Il Soroso, I think it was.’

‘You went to the opening of Il Sorriso?’

‘Yeah, that’s it.’

‘It’s Italian for smile, by the way.’

‘Oh, is it?’ He held the bowl up for more nuts. They were mixed, roasted and salted. ‘Makes sense. It was an Italian joint, as I said.’

‘It’s only like one of the most anticipated restaurants openings in ages. The chef, Mauro Gavizzi, left Pane e Sale to run his own place. He’s amazing, that guy.’

‘Yeah, the food was good and there was plenty of it. They brought out trays of tasty little morsels all night and there was a full buffet.’


‘They had this special mozzarella that was all gooey inside–’

‘That would be burrata.’

‘Yeah. It was made in-house, apparently.’

‘What else?’

‘They made a big deal about this salty type of dried fish roe. It was kind of dark red and really intense. They cured it themselves, of course.’

Bottarga. Salt cured mullet roe. I love that stuff. I only ever tried it once though.’

‘They had trays of the shit.’

‘What else was in the buffet?’

‘Loads of different pastas I’ve never seen before with all sorts of sauces like rabbit ragu, sage butter, white truffle, and clam; plates of Italian cold cuts and cheeses; flat breads; some crazy snail dish; stuffed trout; these huge fat steaks that got carved up; sausages, and get this: a whole suckling pig.’

‘Wow. They must have had some innards too?’

‘They had a big old pot of tripe in a red sauce—oh yeah—and sweetbreads too.’

‘Drinks? Wine?’

‘There were bottles all over the show. Chianti, Baroli—’


‘Pino Grigio, Barbaresco, Brunella—’


dessert creation‘Yeah,’ he said, ‘and insane desserts, cakes, pastries, and elaborate ice cream creations. It was all pretty impressive, and that was only Friday!’

‘I want to get back to Friday, but tell me about Saturday. What happened?’

‘Two things happened Saturday, both related to this project I’m working on. I am designing a website for this guy, Al, and had a meeting scheduled with him around noon. He’s an importer of Mediterranean products, mostly French and Spanish, and he suggested we meet at his place cause some one was coming over with a bunch of samples and it would give me the chance to see what his business was about first hand, and so on. So I get there and it’s hardly a few samples: the place is full of boxes and these two ladies are opening cans and cartons and bottles. We sampled everything: foie gras, jamón ibérico, serrano, lomo, olives, cava, champagne, olive oils, pâtés, truffle and olive spreads, pickled onions, marinated sardines, breads, crackers, cheeses.’

‘Wow! And the stuff was good, I guess.’

‘Al said it was some of the best product he’d ever tasted. Anyway, it went on for hours. It was crazy. We didn’t even get to talk about the website we were so busy stuffing our faces, so the guy invites me for dinner later so we can get down to business, and gives me an address and time.’

…Conclusion coming soon

by E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
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4 Responses to Drop #107: Insane Food Weekend, Part 1

  1. Mikael says:

    I like all the references and food info, but your dialogue starts feeling a little forced. I would try mixing in some descriptive dialogue (don’t use quotes, just paraphrase what they say) to mix it up a little and not make it sound like a teleplay.

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