Drop #103: Winston Wong

Doggy BusinessAt the dog run:

‘Lovely dog you have there. What’s his name?’

‘Winston Wong.’


‘His name is Winston Wong.’

‘Come on! That’s my name.’

‘You’re joking.’

‘No, I’m dead serious.’

‘Quite a coincidence, that, isn’t it?’

‘What a preposterous name for a dog!’

‘Winston Wong? I don’t think so.’

‘It is. It’s ridiculous.’

‘I think it suits him.’

‘No it doesn’t!’

‘What’s yours called, then?’

‘Nikita Caldwell.’


‘Nikita Caldwell.’


‘What? Don’t tell me that’s your name!’

‘Of course not. Don’t be daft! My name’s Rex.’ He stuck out a hand.

‘Oh. I’m Winston, Winston Wong.’

‘Yes. I knew that.’

‘Of course. You can call me Winnie if you want. That’s my nickname. Is that your dog’s nickname too?’

‘Certainly not! I would never do that to him. I always call him by his full name. I suppose you call your Nikita, Nicky?’

‘Well… yes. It would hardly make sense to call him The Archduke of Crimea, for short, would it?’

‘I suppose not–Winston Wong! Stop that this instant! No, Winston Wong! Stop trying to shag Nicky from behind!–but you know what? That last line would have sounded way cooler if you did.’

By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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