Drop #102: Another Man

‘Listen, mate: I saw Ellen with another man.’


‘Just a minute ago, having coffee.’


‘Well, they were acting very familiar.’

‘…I see.’

‘I saw them kiss, Jim!’


‘They were all over each other, actually. I called right away. Thought you should know. Oh, and another thing.’


‘They were going to your house.’


‘Yes. I heard them say it. Look, I know you must be in shock—who wouldn’t be? But they’re at your place, in your bed, right now! You should go, immediately, and catch them red-handed.’

Jim hung up, packed up and left. He drove fast and was home in thirty minutes, even after stopping to make a pickup.

Ellen met him at the door. ‘Honey! You’re early!’

‘Where is he?’



She motioned toward the living room and Jim walked right over holding the paper bag he’d carried in. Ellen followed.

‘You’re here?’ the man said, seeing him. ‘We weren’t expecting you.’

‘Surprise!’ Jim stepped towards him, sliding a hand into the bag. ‘You bastards!’ he said.


‘You were going to start without me!’

‘Never!’ said Ellen.

‘Oh, please!’ Jim pulled out the Champagne. ‘Ben saw you kissing at some coffee shop.’

‘Just a bit of foreplay, baby.’ Ellen grabbed the bottle. ‘Tough to wait when you work so damn late.’

‘Well, I’m here now. It was just too boring to stay any longer.’

‘Good. I’ll pour. You boys have your pants off by the time I get back, you hear!’

by E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

6 Responses to Drop #102: Another Man

  1. jumeirajames says:

    Loved it, great tease. And 3somes are hot.

  2. Ryan says:

    Nice one – hehehe. These are my favorite kinds of stories from you – the ones with the twist in the tail that one doesn’t expect.

  3. Neat twist on the ending! Made me smile.

    Hope Christmas went well for you.

  4. Anrietha says:

    …good things… and plenty bottles of Champagne … 🙂

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