Drop #101: Backpack

‘Can I carry the bag a while?’

‘I’m fine.’

It was a large, heavy backpack, filled for a day at the beach with towels, mats, games, lotions, magazines and food. He’d wanted to buy water there, but she had insisted on bringing the bottle in the fridge.

They’d have one drink on route at Rudi’s, where his new colleagues were having brunch. A quick appearance, at least, would make a good impression.

‘Come on. Just for a bit. You must be straining.’

‘No. Thanks,’ he said. ‘I’m OK.’

Though the bag was bulky, and the route uphill, Rudi’s wasn’t far and they’d decided to walk. They’d catch a cab to the beach there afterwards.

‘Please. You’ve carried it the whole way.’

‘Jesus, Lynn. Let it go!’

They walked on; she asked twice more.

‘Man!’ He took it off. ‘You’re relentless!’

‘Thanks.’ She put it on and took off: two legs under a mountain.

At Rudi’s, four minutes later, they joined the large group at the rear.

‘Glad you could make it, Jim.’

‘Thanks—oh, everyone. This is my wife, Lynn.’ She stepped up beside him, the bag towering over her.

‘Jeez! Wife or mule?’ asked Hugh Gregory, standing. ‘Here, let me help you with that.’

‘Quite the gentleman, Smith.’ Mr. Higgins, Jim’s new boss, was suddenly beside them. ‘Can I get you a drink?’ he asked Lynn, softly, offering her a chair. ‘You must be exhausted.’

‘Thanks. Sprite please.’

‘And you?’ He turned to Jim with eyes like tombstones. ‘I guess you’ll be wanting something too?’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #101: Backpack

  1. Oh, ain’t that always the way!

  2. Pi says:

    backpack 92, wong 83 another W 63 -personal reaction

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