Made it to 100 – Happy Holidays

Into the FlowerThis last stretch since Drop #75 has been a battle, but I’ve made it to Drop #100 – that’s a hundred small pieces of fiction, conceptualized on some street corner, in some dimly lit bar, watching a bad movie on TV, or lying in bed before sleep; translated from this embryonic idea into something with structure; written with care and effort; edited with all the detail and objectivity a solo venture can carry, and posted for the world (well,  some of it, at least) to read – make a part of your life, if only for a fraction of a day, a whisper on a crowded platform.

Hey, I’ll take it!

I hope you have enjoyed them so far, as well as the Ramblings, which have branched into essay and photography. I also experimented in the fiction with form and genre. I’ll keep pushing, adding to the space we inhabit in ways I hope it hasn’t seen too much of. To those of you following, it’s good to know you are out there; to the rest, I’d love to see more of you.

I leave you with a wish of love and beauty, for this holiday season, and extend it to all those close to you. I wish you inspiration and gratification in all you do. And as usual, I leave you, below, with a selection from the last 25 Drops to dig into. Read or re-read them; take them with you into the night:

Drop #76: Echo

Drop #78: Dream 

Drop #84: Cutting the Fat 

Drop #88: At the Club  

Drop #92: Business

Drop #99: Nonsense

Warmly yours, E.M. Vireo


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3 Responses to Made it to 100 – Happy Holidays

  1. laurabesley says:

    Congratulations and happy holidays!

  2. Congrats on the century mark.

  3. EM Vireo says:

    thank you both. it helps to have met writers like you.

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