Drop #96: The Band

‘Man, where have you been?’ Hal asked. ‘You were supposed be here hours ago.’

‘Yeah, sorry,’ said Julien. ‘I got caught up. I got no ice, either.’

‘That’s OK. Sally brought some.’

‘Party looks rocking.’

‘Yeah, glad you made it. What held you up?’

‘Only the best band I’ve seen in like, forever!’


‘Hell yeah! I just stopped in at Cookie’s for a beer before heading out here and this band started up and they were friggin incredible.’


‘They played for like an hour and a half, and I thought they were done, so I was getting ready to get the ice and come over, but they were doing another set so I had to stay for it. They were too damn good.’

‘Fair enough.’

‘I hung out with them a bit during the break. Bought them a drink, did a bit of coke. Cool cats, the lot of them: two dudes and two chicks. Then they played another hour and a half. Second set was even better than the first.’

‘Well, good for you. You’re usually quite picky with music.’

‘I know!’ Julien said. ‘They were just incredible, and exactly what I like, but new and surprising too.’

‘Excellent! Hey, let’s get a beer.’

‘I don’t feel I’m explaining myself well. These guys were the absolute fucking truth! I’m not kidding; listening to them was like a religious experience. I would have followed them anywhere but they had another gig to play and it was a private gig, so they felt weird bringing me along. I can’t blame them really. I’d only just met them and I can come off a bit intense at times.’

‘That you can, but it’s a charming quality according to me.’

‘Aw, thanks, sweetheart.’

‘So, how about that beer?’ Hal put his arm around Julien and led him towards the larger back room where most of the guests were.


‘I know it won’t compare, after your religious experience, but I sorted out some live music too.’


They reached a bucket of cold beers and Hal grabbed one for each of them. ‘They should be starting soon, actually,’ he said, looking towards the make shift stage he had set up. ‘Funky band my buddy Pierre turned me onto: The Nevergoods.’


‘The Nevergoods. They’re a local product.’

‘Oh, my, fucking God!’


‘That’s them! That’s the band I just saw. I can’t believe this.’

‘No way!’

‘Yeah, for real, dude.’

‘That’s awesome. They’re going to play a long set.’

‘I fucking love you, man,’ Julien said as the first track’s bass line started up. ‘Seriously, I want to have your babies.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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