Drop #95: On the Sly

It’s been a long time since I rock and rolled, but here’s something new, at last:

My life had become repetitive and I was bored, so I dropped by Larry’s apartment on Saturday, even if it promised no great reward. His girlfriend let me in. Larry was passed out on the bed. He likes to drink and take pills: Valium, Quaaludes, Vicodin – I don’t really know.

I’d only met the girl twice, but he’d been with her for a couple of months. She’s much younger.

‘You wanna smoke a jay?’ she asked, sitting on the bed beside her guy and crossing her legs.


‘Oh, there’s beer and wine in the fridge, scotch and rum on the kitchen counter, and vodka in the freezer.’

‘I’ll have one of each,’ I smirked. She smirked back and started rolling.

She’s a good-looking girl—I mean, tight in all the right places, blonde—I like blondes (and brunettes, redheads etc.), with just a killer ass and tits. You know, she’s just hot.

I went to the kitchen, poured two freezy shots of vodka into shot glasses I found in the cupboard (surely the only two in the place), grabbed two beers from the fridge, and took it all back to the other room. ‘Here,’ I said, giving her one of each.

‘Cool,’ she said. We clinked glasses and downed the shot without saying ‘Damn!’ and making those stupid faces people make in movies when they drink strong drinks. We clinked bottles and swigged on those; then I went to sit on the chair by the desk, leaning back.

‘Put on some tunes,’ she said, looking indifferent but alert. ‘I’m about done rolling this guy.’

‘OK.’ I scrolled through iTunes, past all the bands I like but never feel like listening to anymore: Stereolab, The xx, Gorillaz, The Cinematic Orchestra, trying to find the right fit – there was some pressure in getting it right – then panicked cause I was taking so long, and put on The White Album.’

‘Good thing you chose disk one,’ she said, tossing me the spliff. ‘I love disk one, but fucking hate disk two.’

We smoked, listening to ‘Glass Onion, and Wild Honey Pie,’ and I kept getting up to pass her the joint till she said: ‘why don’t you just sit here till we’re done?’ scooting over to offer me the corner of the bed.

‘OK,’ I said, ‘I’ll be right back.’ I got two more shots of vodka, fetched my beer and scooched in beside her to lean against the wall. Larry was lying across the foot of the bed facing us.

We clinked again and downed the shots. We finished the joint, listening to Bungalow Bill and she immediately lit a cigarette after stubbing out the jay in one of the five ashtrays scattered around the place.

‘Your name’s Jake,’ right?’ she asked, looking me in the eye.

‘Yeah.’ I said. ‘Jack. And yours is Janice, right?”

‘Janet, yeah.’

‘So, Jack. You want something?’


‘You want something?’

‘Like what?’ I asked looking at my beer. ‘I’m doing pretty well, I figure.’

‘You know, like a blowjob or something.’ Her face had remained unchanged since I’d come in.


‘You heard me. You want me to suck you off?’

‘Jesus. No.’

‘Seriously? You don’t want me to do you one? Not into me?’

‘It’s not that. I mean, Larry is right fucking here!’ I pointed.’

‘I know; that’s why I wanna do it. I love that he’d be in the bed while I blew you. I love that he’s so close. It turns me on.’

‘Jesus! What if he wakes up?’

‘That’s what makes it fun, Jack. Anyway, guy’s out cold. You should have seen what he took.’

‘But what if–’

‘Look, I’m tired of talking. I’m up for it. You want in or not?’

I paused for a second but of course I was in. Jesus, I was already harder than tungsten. ‘Yeah.’

She wasted no time and made no effort to be quiet as she guided me onto my knees, unbuttoned and unzipped me, pulled my jeans down a few inches, and my piece out of my boxers. ‘Nice,’ she said. ‘Larry can’t even get it up lately.’ Then she dug in.

I was crazy aroused, but nervous too, and I couldn’t help glancing over at Larry, only three feet away while she blew me. She looked at him too every now and again, once stopping to say, ‘you like, that, don’t you Larry?’ before getting back to work.

Though the anxiety stayed, it was never going to take long, and, as any gentleman would, I warned her: ‘I’m cumming,’ I said in a loud whisper. ‘Oh God! I’m cumming!’

She dealt with the news most pornographically, and as I unloaded on her outstretched tongue, I couldn’t help looking over at Larry again. His head was slightly raised, and his eyes were open, though only as slits. I felt like jumping up and running, but I was only half way done, and other reflexes overrode. And a second later, he made a sound with deep of his throat, those waxen eyes fell shut again, and his head flopped back down onto the mattress.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

4 Responses to Drop #95: On the Sly

  1. Brommy says:

    Nice work, really enjoyed this

  2. Laura says:

    Nice to hear from you again! Evil, but good! 😉

  3. Could tell this was not going to end well, but didn’t think it would end quite like that. Polite of him to tell her he was cumming, despite everything else

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