Drop #94: Cheesy Horror Flick (Part 2)

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The three of them run and hide in the basement, pulling the trapdoor closed behind them.

‘We have to get to one of the cars!’ Cheyenne screams.

‘It will have to be yours,’ Billy quickly answers. ‘Lance had the keys to ours.’

There is a minute of tense silence as they sit still, hearing no sound, not knowing if the maniac is in the house, above their  heads. Then they turn on their headlights to look for weapons. In a stroke of amazing coincidence, Billy comes across on an old newspaper clipping: ‘Oh my God, guys. Look at this!’

The article, now twenty years old, describes how an angry mob hung Edmund Bray, a mentally challenged behemoth to a tree and set him on fire, accusing him of having raped a young girl. It describes Edmund to be the bastard son of an old raccoon trapper who impregnated his own daughter. The teenager had this child alone in the woods, before taking her life with poison berries. The boy grew up in the father’s basement, beaten and whipped repeatedly, while endlessly chopping wood and quilting blankets.

‘Do you think it’s him? Back from the dead?’

The slow, hollow banging on the trapdoor gives them no chance to answer. There’s another tense silence till a chainsaw starts up. It cuts right through the quiet and the old wood as the girls scream and soon enough, all 6 feet seven inches, and 280 lbs of Edmund Bray crash through the floor in a chaos of rubble and dust.

Billy immediately gets a hatchet to the face, and while the weapon is stuck there for a second, and Bray is distracted  trying to get it back, the girls run past him and scramble up the wreckage towards the kitchen above, yanking themselves up with pure adrenalin as the psycho claws wildly at their heals.

Margo has cleverly grabbed a couple of rusty weapons and thrusts a cleaver into Cheyennes hands. But Edmund is back upstairs and in the panic, the girls are split up.

Margo goes for the car keys, but they aren’t on the dresser where she left them. She turns and ducks just in time to avoid a hatchet to the head. She runs to another room pausing to look back at him, as he frees the blood-stained weapon from the wall. He smiles maniacally, holding up the car keys, before jingling them, showing his rotted brown teeth, and swallowing them.

We cut to Cheyenne who is sneaking on the other side of the house, not knowing where the butcher could be; but she soon finds out when he comes from behind and grabs her. He only has her by the skirt though and she tears away,  running for her life in only her underwear, round buttocks exposed in pink panties. But she runs into a dead-end.

Edmund picks her up and pins her to the closet a foot off the floor with two ten-inch pegs shoved through her shoulders. He saws off both her legs while she’s still alive and screaming and watches her bleed to death. He seems to enjoy this, stroking her dying face with a huge, twisted hand till he gets an arrow in the side. That’s right, Margo has found a crossbow. Bitch is fighting back!

‘You’re mine now, fuckhead! ’she yells shooting another one-off. This one sticks in the lunatic’s meaty neck, but two arrows can’t take him down, and he storms after her. She’s trying to reload as she runs away but he’s mad now and he catches her by the foot. He grunts as he looks to deliver the killer blow, but she kicks him and stabs him with the scalpel she took from the basement earlier, and scrambles away. But he’s still coming, scalpel in shoulder and all, and he’s got her cornered in the study. She hits the wall with a bang, knocking a deer head off of it. He raises his hatchet and is ready to strike but he doesn’t get the chance: he has the reindeer’s antlers through his chest and stomach, perforating him all over. She has killed him with a deer head.

Margo crawls out from under his hulking mass and limps outside, exhausted and relieved–but she realizes she has no car keys! It dawns on her that if she’s going to get away, she’ll have to hack them out of the madman’s stomach. But she’s beyond it all now and willing to do anything to leave this place.

He’s still lying there with the deer head rammed in his chest. She takes the hatchet from his rigid hand and gets right to it, slamming it heavily into his massive belly, exposing its putrid slabs of fat. She pulls out and repeats it twice, three times, getting a rhythm but suddenly, Edmund comes to life and grabs her wrist. She screams and slashes at his arm, chopping it off at the wrist. Then she runs, with the thing still clamped on. She must get out of this house!

She’s still alive but injured and covered in everyone’s blood. She yanks off the enormous, gray, gripping hand and throws it in the bushes. She staggers along the dirt track till she reaches the main road as a van approaches. She falls to her knees and cries as she waves it down.

She’s overjoyed till she looks at the driver. It’s an old man in a dirty red baseball cap chewing tobacco. He spits his wad and straightens his junk before he speaks: ‘Well, well, well. What have we here?’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
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5 Responses to Drop #94: Cheesy Horror Flick (Part 2)

  1. Scribbler says:

    Captivating story! Especially love the clever ending.

    Adieu, scribbler

  2. Impressive control of cliche. I really like this.

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