Drop #92: Business

‘Can I get you anything else? We’ll be landing soon.’

‘Another red please.’

‘The Shiraz?’

‘That’s the one.’

‘Coming right up, Honey.’


He waited for Sylvia in one of the long hallways before immigration.

‘How was it?’ she asked, reaching him.

‘Good wine. Decent port. The white was a little warm.’

‘And the food?’

‘Tasty. I had shrimp and a cheese platter. How was it back there?’

‘You know. A bit mushy, but not too bad.’ They started walking, each pulling a small, square bag.

‘I still think you should have sat in your own seat.’

‘Your legs are longer, you like good wine, and I sleep fine on the regular seats,’ Sylvia answered robotically.

‘Yeah. Anyway, thanks.’

‘You’re welcome. You get some sleep?’

‘A little. Watched a couple of movies. Hugo and Drive.’

‘I watched Drive too.’

‘I figured you would. Ryan Gosling’s your guy.’

‘Any cute air hostesses?’

‘Yes, in fact. It used to be standard protocol, especially up front, but it’s almost a rarity these days.’

‘You’re telling me. You should have seen the gorillas on my British Airways flight last week.’

‘They’re all men in their fifties, right?’

‘I was scared to ask for a glass of water.’

‘So. One gave me her number.’

‘An air hostess?


‘You must have flirted with her.’

‘That’s possible.’

‘You always flirt when you drink.’

‘That seems to be my way.’

‘Was she type A or B?’

‘What do you mean? This was a person, not a kind of hepatitis.’

‘Come on. Spit it out, Ned. I know you, and I know what gets you going.’ They approached passport control. ‘There’s type A, the injured bird: slim with slumped shoulders, a little sad, big eyes, dark hair, thin wrists, delicate fingers, downcast eyes looking for answers, used to be a goth but doesn’t know what to be anymore; and type B, nice and fluffy: blonde, a little dumb, a little plump, touchy, in a perpetual good mood, white teeth, smiles a lot, say’s ‘Aaaaw’ without fail when she sees a kitten, calls guys Dear or Honey or Sweetheart. Of course, there’s type C too: anyone with tits and eyes – but those you can usually take or leave. A and B are hard to pass up.’

‘She was a classic B.’

‘Hm. Will you call her?’

‘You think I should?’

‘She’s probably not worth it.’

‘I’ve become so confused about what is and isn’t nowadays.’

‘Don’t let it hurt your brain.’


‘You’ll probably want to have sex at home,’ Sylvia said, while they passed through customs. ‘Won’t you?’


‘You’re always horny when you flirt with other girls.’

‘At least I’m not never horny, right?’

‘That, my dear husband, is a very good point.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

5 Responses to Drop #92: Business

  1. like the hepatitis line

  2. Laura says:

    So which type is the wife?!

    • EM Vireo says:

      sneaky question. I would think she is in a category well beyond the frivolous, lubricated allure of an A or B. Interest has many subspecies, many of which are highly susceptible to circumstance, while devoid of logic or depth.

  3. Pi says:

    Your use of dialogue is becoming masterly

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