Drop #83: Headphones

Her headphones had broken on a Tuesday night. They were of the peanut variety with an adjustable part that hooked over the ear and the right one had suddenly gone mute. It had been a pretty good, pretty expensive pair, which had served her well for close to two years, and she might have been pissed that they were busted, but instead, she was glad.

She’d been wanting a larger, more professional pair, with those huge pads that cover the entire ear and cancel out all external sound, and, in a way, had been waiting for the peanuts to break so she could get them. She would have felt too guilty buying the new pair while the others still worked – she could never justify owning two; that would be wasteful – but now, there was nothing holding her back.

Her excitement grew steadily. The next evening, immediately after work, she spent a few hours online and found exactly what she was looking for: a brand new, impeccably engineered model that displayed unmatched levels of auditory sophistication to deliver the absolute best sound quality available. They were expensive (much more so than the old, extinct ones) but this was something she was definitely willing to splurge on.

She looked forward to hearing each new sound crisply, and finding in songs the surprises, details and subtle improvisations she would not have had access to before. She got goose bumps just thinking about it. Tomorrow, she would go down to the store after work and buy them.

Her boyfriend, Jim, who slept over most nights, came by around at ten. She was in a great mood and excited to see him, and thought again about how lucky she was to be with him. His combination of coolness, good looks, smarts and thoughtfulness was hard to come by. He seemed in a good mood, and excited about something too.

‘What’s up, babe?’ she asked. ‘You look like you’re up to something.’

‘I am!’

‘What is it?’

‘Got you a gift,’ he answered, smiling proudly, taking a plastic bag out of his backpack and giving it to her.

‘What’s this?’

‘New headphones! I know how much you liked the ones that broke, so I got you the same exact pair. I’m sure they’ll last longer this time.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

2 Responses to Drop #83: Headphones

  1. legionwriter says:

    Oh, I hate when that happens! Nicely done! 🙂

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