Drop #79: Split

‘Were almost done here,’ Alan had said on the phone, ‘but if you’re in the neighborhood, why don’t you join us for coffee?’

I arrived ten minutes later and found them at a table on the veranda. Alan introduced me to the other two men, Raul and Georgio. ‘Sit down, Ben,’ he said jovially.

I brought a chair form a nearby table, sat, and put my small backpack on the floor beside me. There was no space on the table, which was littered with empty dishes and glasses.

‘Sorry,’ Georgio said, ‘but we finished all the wine.’ Two bottles stood empty as well as a large bottle of sparkling.

‘Want something to drink?’ Alan asked.

‘I’m OK, thanks,’ I answered.

‘Come on! Have some coffee or dessert at least.’

‘The panacotta is unbelievable,’ said Georgio.

‘The flourless chocolate cake too,’ added Raul.

‘No, I’m not hungry, thanks.’

‘You sure?’ asked Alan again. ‘The food is excellent here. You should have seen the mains. I don’t think I’ve ever had better swordfish, and Raul raved about his steak.’

‘No, thanks. Really’

‘Well have a drink at least. Come on!’

‘OK. I’ll have a coffee.’

‘Good’ Alan said, getting the waitress’s attention. ‘We were about to have ours anyway. What do you want? Cappuccino?’ Espresso?’

‘Just regular coffee, thanks.’

We sat together for fifteen minutes, talking and drinking our coffees (one regular, one cappuccino, and two espressos) Raul had a glass of port too. He works at the gym and told me to call him up for a free day pass. Georgio said he had a great Italian food importer he could hook me up with for discounted wine and cheese. Alan talked about some or other plan for setting up a new online clothing company and was going to send me an email about it. They were all the exuberant, showy, types, and I didn’t have much to say to them. I looked forward to getting back to Sally at the shop so I said I had to get going. They all agreed it was time to leave – ‘we’ve been here for hours, man!’ – and asked for the bill.

It came and Alan looked it over. ‘Pah!’ he said, slapping the air with a palm. ‘Let’s just make it simple and split it four ways.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

2 Responses to Drop #79: Split

  1. elgourmethk says:

    Are you sure Raul should work at the gym? He eats cake and drinks port…

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