Reaching 75

I like to read the Drops at night

So, after close to four months, I just posted my 75th Drop. It’s been quite a ride so far, and will no doubt get wilder. Thanks to all those who have been reading them, commenting and following. To those who would like to get the posts directly by email, click the ‘Yes please!’ button on the right to sign up, or just follow if you have a WP blog yourself.

As a quick review, here is a selection from the last 25 posted Drops, in case you missed something (click on name for direct link):

Drop #52, A Girl – something for the romantics

Drop #59, Mosquito – an exercise in narrative POV

Drop #60, The Cretinaceous Period – a comedic piece about a fictional prehistoric era

Drop #61, Violator – short but intense

Drop #64, A Joke – where comedy meets frustration

Drop #68, Mortgages – what we project onto the people we meet

Drop #75, Breath: A Meditative, Photographic Journey Through the Jungles of SE Asia

Have a look, snoop around the archives, read a few on the toilet – whatever you’re into! And remember, I’ll be back with plenty more.

So, bye for now, and thanks for stopping in.

E.M. Vireo

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