Human Trends



REPORT 27.01 

Sentibule 16, 3349 (July 16, 2012 – E.C)


I have now spent exactly ten human years in the field collecting data. The following report uses simple graphs to summarize the major human trends noted over this time period.

A full report will follow with a detailed analysis of these simplified findings.

G.L. Gor

Snr. Field Officer

Compiled using QwikSketch. Sent via aPad.

* I have gathered much evidence to support the trends outlined in graphs C and D (which I believe to be closely related) and will detail these in my full report, but can list one example here: As stated on page 25 of the July 9, 2012  issue of Star magazine, 1 -Paris Hilton has over seven million Twitter followers, 2 – even though she does not write her tweets herself.

* Please note: for this graph, (H), positive and negative are reversed on both axes – i.e. potential remains consistently high while proficiency steadily declines.


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3 Responses to Human Trends

  1. KK says:

    Well-defined and well-written….so what’s next for this human specimens?

  2. Well done. Sometimes I wonder how our species has the wits to survive. I can only say that I am somewhat comforted by reading history. Stupidity is not new.

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