Drop #74: Sidewalk Conversation

‘What’s new with you?’

‘Oh, nothing much. Got a puppy. Went to Cape Cod last weekend for Hilde’s opening.’

‘How was that?’

‘Kitsch, but with a decent bar. Donnie Malinga was there.’

‘With Chester Gloom?’

‘No, with Henry Gorgam.’

‘I thought Henry was with Mike Snowstack at Phil Porley’s wedding.’

‘Phil Porley got married?’

‘Yeah, to Gina Grottenstein.’

‘I thought she was still with Nestor Dolmedes.’

‘No, he dumped her for Dorothy Stukkens.’

‘Is it Stukkens, or Stockens?’

‘Stukkens, with two Ks.’

‘She plays in a band with Greg Tourengo, right?’

‘I think so. With Gavin Gope and Frida Corestop.’

‘No, they’re in a jazz quartet with Tabitha Nose and Filbert Begundi.’

‘Oh yeah, and Greg Norb just joined Dilroy Nougley’s Latin fusion ensemble.’

‘With Tina Leverité?’


‘She always did know how to handle a maraca.’

‘Ain’t that the truth!’

‘Yeah.’ She bends to pull up her socks.

‘Are you going to Elmore Frink’s birthday drink?’ he asks when she’s straightened back up. ‘Most of those cats will be there.’


‘Me either.’



‘…They’re all a bunch of twats anyway.’


By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

8 Responses to Drop #74: Sidewalk Conversation

  1. I’m impressed as hell with all the great names you came up with for this 🙂

  2. Dr. Grig Nackles - Podiatrist says:

    I think the awesomness of this story might stem from thousands of hours of FIFA… Juggernaut Klinsmin… Atomic Winter etc.

  3. Tina Leverité in particular is a great name… I hate her already.

  4. You know, I thought they were annoying until the ‘…they’re all twats anyway.’ comment. Brilliant!

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