Drop #73: Gone

The place was packed. I saw someone get up across the room and ran to snag the table: somewhere to relax till our plane boarded in an hour.

‘Well done, babe!’ she said, dropping her bags. ‘You watch the stuff; I’ll go get us something. What do you want?’

‘Sandwich, coffee – whatever. Surprise me.’


‘Here, I have some baht left over.’ I took some dirty notes from my back pocket and put them in her palm.

She gave me a soft, unhurried kiss, and walked to the counter to wait in line, looking like one should after a holiday, with her deep, even tan and sun-bleached hair. Her movements were soaked in relaxation, exuding the warmth of beaches and freshness of the rains.

It had been an incredible two weeks in Thailand. We’d trekked the jungles on elephants and snorkeled the reefs with the manta rays. We’d feasted in local food courts and drank cheap beer. We’d driven all about on our scooter, finding deserted bays, bizarre shops, and old, toothless women laughing at everything. And mostly, we had enjoyed each other.

A good holiday can leave you optimistic and strong. It can ease the bleak winter you will find back home, and the hours spent at your dull job. And sharing it with the one you love swells this momentum exponentially. We were closer than ever, having built on the trust we felt in one another. Things couldn’t have been better.

After a couple of minutes I looked over to see how she was doing. She had almost reached the front of the line and waved with her free hand. She had something wrapped in plastic in the other. I made a funny face, smiled and waved too. Buoyed by this simplest of interactions, and the clean fullness of my life, I turned back around. Margie’s bag, the one with both passports and her wallet, with the credit cards and the bulk of the cash, was gone.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #73: Gone

  1. Laura says:

    Great little story. Was wondering how it was going to end. Was he going to leave her? Was she going to leave him. Loved it!

  2. EM Vireo says:

    Thanks, Laura. Yes, I kept it till the last line, I guess, even the last word.

  3. Ugh! And so the vacation ends and the nightmare ensues. Great job. I can feel that pit in the gut. And worse, it’s her bag, not his; I can feel the wash of guilt that would come over me if I had been in his place…

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