Drop #71: Snapshots

‘Oh, father, when can we give up and stop caring about the world?’

‘Soon, Charlie. Soon. But now I need to concentrate if I ever want to finish this model airplane.’


‘It’s a speed ball,’ he says mixing the dope with the coke. ‘It’s what killed River Phoenix,’ he adds snorting a line. ‘But this is a very small amount. It won’t do anything,’ and I believe him.


I smelled something terrible, like a baby diaper. I gave the other people in the car dirty looks and sat in discomfort for five minutes. Then, with a shock, I realized I had shat my pants.


‘I don’t know,’ he sighed, taking advantage of a break in the jazz to bring home his point. ‘I destroyed myself immensely in my twenties. I’ve just thought so many things with a murky mind.’

I stared at him coolly. I have never been able to stand people with strong German accents talking seriously.


‘I really like you,’ I said, adjusting the nozzle of the air stream above. ‘You are smart, charming and beautiful – but you smell like onions, all the time, and I just can’t take it.’

The bus pulled out of the station. We had 650 miles to go.


There’s a film of dirt that keeps me together. I would fall apart if I took a shower.


The doorbell rang and I made ready to answer it.

‘Remember, Charlie, this man is not here to talk to you. He is only here to deliver Chinese food.’

‘Yes, father.’

I descended two flights to meet him halfway.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #71: Snapshots

  1. MCL says:

    Really funny and quirky, made me laugh every time. Thanks for sharing

  2. Intense Hsiu says:

    Bang bang pam nice moriwase

  3. …with 650 miles to go.

    This could be describing the long trips in the car when I was young, through many states to see my grandparents. Mom smoked, and the smoke made me sick. She’d open her window a crack, but that didn’t do anything. It was even worse before cars had A/C.

    Much of life is spent just putting up with things…

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