Drop #68: Mortgages

You meet a girl at a party. She’s good looking. You’re a little drunk. You spend an hour talking to her and get on well enough. You flirt, exchange numbers and kiss briefly when she leaves. Two days later you consider calling but you aren’t sure cause you’ve begun to wonder what might be in her head – what she might have already attached to you. Maybe nothing. Maybe she hardly remembers and hasn’t thought of you since. On the other hand, she might have looked at her phone sixty times since Saturday, wondering if it was broken. Maybe she’s already built up this huge fantasy around you and children and houses and mortgages and shit. Maybe she has already tagged you as 24% likely to be the man who will make everything in her quietly disappointing life tolerable. She doesn’t know quite what’s wrong, but you seem 26% likely to set it right. (Yes, the number jumped. But so do people’s expectations, even if nothing has actually happened to change them, and even if the numbers were purely circumstantial in the first place.) Or maybe, by now, she has declared you the man of her dreams, pinning all her hopes on you to provide the fantastic life she obviously deserves. Maybe she’s already had several conversations with friends about you, wondering out loud, to them, whether she should bring you to Alexandra’s barbecue next Sunday, or the beach house in The Hamptons Phil and Sandra rented, saying stuff like: ‘you’re going to love him; I just know it!’ and ‘Glen doesn’t like olives in his salad, but we can have them on the side.’ She might have already told her parents she met someone, unable to hide the emotion in her voice, and her sister, that this time, it feels special. She might have planned your wedding with all the guests you’ve never met, decorated the interior of your house in the home town you’ve never been to, decided where you are going to retire together, and finally, where you will rest together when you die, a few days apart, as long-term spouses do. She might have–

The phone rings – ‘Hello.’

‘Hey, it’s Jane. Remember? From the other night.’

‘Oh, Jane, hi. I was just thinking about you.’

 By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

6 Responses to Drop #68: Mortgages

  1. KK says:

    Yup…you pinned down our (humanly) expectations pretty well, nice piece!

  2. I love the honesty of this…enjoyed it 🙂

  3. I like the build up of anxiety in this. You can feel it all in that last sentence

  4. Laura Besley says:

    This was brilliant!

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