Drop #67: Delivery

The doctor, a stern looking man, manipulates the head through her distended vagina.

What an ugly scene, he thinks. Why is he here? Why does he keep doing this?

She gasps and grunts. She is a large, repugnant woman made uglier by the strain she’s under. Her hair, long and black, sticks in clumps to her sweaty, blotchy forehead. Everything is bloated in some or other way, her eyes bulging out like those of a frog, her lips plump around a nasty old mouth of graying teeth.

She screams through another all too personal shove, spreading vile fluids all around as the baby comes out further, its wrinkled little body a hideous shade of plum. It is a most unpleasant sound, but of course, he’s heard such screams before, and of course, he’s no stranger to the stink around the place, either.

Her face is now reliably grotesque as she tries to get the monster out. And here it comes: a mangled bundle with a scrunched up mug, beans for ears, pricks for nostrils, and an unsightly mop of slimy black hair, just like mom. Fat bastard too. Should weigh in at almost ten pounds, the chunky little fuck. He was prepared for something gross, but wow! What a revolting number!

And of course, it also shrieks, like a pig getting slaughtered–no sound more annoying than that, surely. If only it were the last time he’d have to hear it. And now, troll expelled, mom is laughing, out of joy, it seems, but that sounds just as atrocious. Too much emotion here, mixing with the stench of sweat and blood and afterbirth. A horrible assault on the senses.

The turgid lump is in its mother’s arms now, gurgling and crying. Together, they’d break any mirror.

‘You have a beautiful baby boy, Mr. Haines,’ the doctor tells him with a smile. ‘You can hold him now, if you want.’

‘Yes, come hold him, honey,’ she says, the emotion making an impossibly ghastly creature of her.

Reaching the bed he must endure a kiss from that disgusting mouth. And now, he must hold the wretched thing: his second son.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

5 Responses to Drop #67: Delivery

  1. Gary Rudd says:

    You are really developing a very powerful style. Even ugly can be beautiful when written like this. Nice one!

  2. Eloise says:

    I’ll bet these thoughts are more common than one would think… Good piece.

  3. What lovely gore! As you promised in your excellent introduction to “Drops,” this piece wrestles conflict well and teaches me something about how to do that in my own writing. I’m thrilled to have found your blog and look forward to following your writing process.

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