Drop #65: A World Without Clouds

“I would hate to live in a world without clouds,” he said, looking upwards; then back down to catch Sophie’s reaction.

“I could never love in a world without clouds,” she answered.

At a nearby table, a thin lady with fat lips sat eating fish and chips, licking her delicate fingers with her stubby tongue, her makeup smudged at the corner of both eyes, perhaps purposefully, but not entirely symmetrically, her hair like a black wig, bangs trimmed, tapering to straight cascading curtains at the sides. Her boyfriend, a thick-set corporate type went to grab a chip with his hairy, knuckle-heavy hand, but she slapped it away, leaving a slim, delicate grease mark on the back of his palm like a designer dress flung to a hotel room floor during an illicit rendezvous.

Sophie observed discreetly. She was worth more than his love but his love was all he had to give.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #65: A World Without Clouds

  1. Beautifully observed

  2. yeah. world will lose quite a lot of her beauty without cloud. cant imagine a world without them at all.

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