Drop #63: Communication

My brother, Sal, texted me that Nadine’s good friend, Helen, who we all knew, had died. Nadine is my father’s sister and a bit older. Her husband, Hubert, had passed a few years back. Anyway, I sent her condolences by email, then was copied on the email my dad sent her. In it, along with the nice words and well wishes, he expressed disappointment that he had only heard of it through Sal, and wasn’t informed first, directly.

Later, I Skyped with my mom, telling her the news. She hadn’t heard – not through my brother or father, or Nadine (who she saw regularly) herself. Mom was upset that nobody had told her till I did. I don’t know if she resented her husband or son more. She sent an email and e-card to Nadine and copied me, my father and my brother on both. In the email, she expressed deep condolences and stated she was surprised to only find out now, or she would have written sooner.

I also received a bcc of the email Sal had sent Nadine to offer his condolences. He had copied my father and mother directly, so I don’t why I had to be blind copied. I texted him to ask why, and he answered on Yahoo Messenger, saying he didn’t mean anything by it.

It was only after all this that I thought maybe it would have been better if we had all called Nadine directly on her cell instead of sending emails, but it was too late.

Mom texted saying dinner was ready so I closed my laptop, grabbed my phone, and went to the living room. Sal came in from the patio where he’d been smoking a cigarette and playing games on his iPad, and Dad came down from the bedroom.

‘Did you text Nadine?’

‘No,’ Mom said. ‘She’ll be upset. Maybe you should run next door and get her in person.’

‘Good idea,’ I said, switching on the TV. ‘Go ahead and dish up. I’ll be right back.’

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

3 Responses to Drop #63: Communication

  1. This is exactly what technology does – provides a sanitized form of communication. Builds up walls behind which to hide. Prevents face-to-face encounters. Are we afraid of looking each other in the face? Of giving a hug? Of expressing emotion?

    Yes, we are.

    Great post.

  2. MCL says:

    Great play on the decreasing human interactions, loved it!

  3. All this technology at our disposal to improve communication, removing emotion; instead of laughing, the kid next door stares blankly at his comic book, uttering LOL at periodic intervals….

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