Load the Experimental Cannon

I’ve been coming up with some experimental concepts for Drops and this week I’m going to post five of them.

It’s not that I think my stuff generic – I always try to write with an edge and steer clear of cliché – but I’m keen to work some of the angles that don’t get much play: the corners of the carpet; the mistimed, discarded photos or the parts of pictures most crop out; the sawdust forming patterns on a workshop floor.

Sometimes, you have to turn things upside down,

cultivate the ideas that don’t immediately crystallize, and give attention to the  squiggly lines, the knots, without necessarily untangling them

Blogs offer opportunities to do this type of thing, so I’ll toy with the way stories are traditionally told, messing with stuff like structure, POV, and narration, giving alternate manifestations of fiction a chance to germinate and thrive.

So stay tuned to see what’s coming. I’m sure as hell curious, and hope you are too.

About EM Vireo
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8 Responses to Load the Experimental Cannon

  1. MCL says:

    Looking forward Mr. Vireo

  2. Laura says:

    Let the experiment begin! Like the photos too!

  3. Mariona says:

    Looking forward to your new stuff. You are a genious!!

  4. Yup… definitely curious! Looking forward to it…

  5. This sounds good. I like the murky corners, the things others miss. Chewing gum splats on sidewalks, bits of trash caught in the corners of doorways.

    Looking forward to it.

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