Drop #55: Narrow Road

The road was narrow, maybe too narrow. There was barely enough room for two cars to pass in opposite directions, but Mr. Fideli drove fast. Mrs. Fideli sat in front with him while their daughter, Miranda, and her fiancé, George, sat in the back. They had all gone with Miranda to open her a new, higher interest, combined checking and savings account at the bank’s main branch in the next town over. Since she lived oversees, it had taken almost an hour.

‘Nice girl that helped you,’ Mrs. Fideli said.

‘Yes,’ Miranda answered. ‘She was very junior though.’

‘But she tried hard.’

‘Uhu,’ said Miranda. ‘She got the job done.’

‘Big ass on her though, hey!’ said Mr. Fideli.

‘Oh, man. That was some behind.’ Mrs. Fideli agreed. ‘And those thighs were pretty chunky too.’

‘And such a puffy face,’ said Miranda, ‘with such droopy eyes. She looked a bit like a bulldog, don’t you think?’

‘Yeah,’ said Mr. Fideli, as a small van passed with hollow rush of wind, ‘or a toad.’

‘Exactly! A toad’ said Mrs. Fideli. ‘That dress wasn’t flattering at all. Better wear something that hides your flaws if you’re unlucky enough to have that shape.’

‘That’s what I was thinking,’ said Miranda. ‘And do something different with your hair. Something that takes attention away from the face.’

‘It’s just common sense,’ said Mr. Fideli, going even faster. Out the window, flat fields replaced each other every few seconds; crows sat on the dirt, looking for dead things to eat; a wooden cart piled high with pumpkins flashed by. ‘Not everyone can be beautiful, but there’s no point advertising your flaws, don’t you agree, George?’

‘Hm,’ George mumbled. He’d been following the conversation with some surprise, as all he’d been able to think about since first seeing the young bank employee, with her large, melancholy eyes and fleshy lips, her generous yet subtle smile, and round, eager body movements, was sleeping with her, imagining in some detail, the various ways he would go about it.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

One Response to Drop #55: Narrow Road

  1. Intense Hsiu says:

    Yesss, we all naughty perverts.
    Vareo, you too fillus mius?

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