Drop #51: Four Months

‘My soup is just delicious,’ said Georgia. ‘How’s your salmon?’

‘It’s really good too.’

‘You said you’ve been here before?’ Georgia asked, dragging the bottom of the spoon deliberately across the bowl’s edge, then raising it to mouth.

‘Yeah. A few times already,’ Kate answered.

‘And here I thought I was showing you something new!’

‘No. Good food is one of my major vices. I must eat well, and often, so it pays to know what will gratify, and where to find it.’

‘It’s not really a vice, though, is it?’

‘I guess you’re right; we’ll just call it a pleasure, then, shall we?’

‘This place is Hal’s favorite, you know,’ Georgia said, with the tiniest wrinkle of a smile.

‘Is it?’

‘Yes. He can’t get enough of it. He loves the sweet potato fries and the calamari.’

‘I like those too.’

‘We’ve been coming here quite often,’ Georgia continued. ‘Actually, we’ve been going out quite a bit. We really are having a lot more fun lately.’

‘You weren’t having fun before?’

‘Well, after ten years of marriage, it had gotten quite stale. Who knows how things progress with time, but I’m pretty sure it was Hal who changed. I mean, you’ve known us half a year or so, and only met Hal a handful of times, so you wouldn’t have noticed anything, but his mood has really lifted. He was quite a grouch for the two-three years before that, never wanting to go out, have drinks, do anything on weekends, and just no fun to be around—for a while there, I thought we wouldn’t make it—but he’s been in much better spirits lately. He’s present, engaged, if you know what I mean, and just seems to be enjoying life again.’

‘What do you think changed?’

‘I don’t know, but this time it was quite sudden. Maybe I’m imagining things, but I think I remember the exact weekend, four months ago, when it changed. I went to Seattle for a Textile Convention, and when I came back, he was all smiles. He’s been a different man since.’


‘It’s bizarre, really, but we just get along now. He’s much more caring and generous and I’m less bitchy because of it. I can be quite a bitch, you know.’

‘Can you?’

‘Yup. Anyway, as I said, since he found his good mood back we’ve been able to enjoy each other again and build a failing thing back into something good—listen to me—I’m blabbing to you as if you were my shrink.’

‘That’s OK.’

‘I guess that’s what friends are for.’


‘Oh—and suddenly, we have a sex life again. I thought it was lost for good. We hadn’t had any in months, then, after that weekend, he started being sweet and the next week, we had sex in the bathtub—like we were back in college or something.’

‘I love bathtub sex.’

‘Yeah, I have to say: it was nice to be physical again. Honestly, sex with Hal was never really great, even when we first got together, but it’s not too shabby right about now. He’s been doing all these new moves, and encouraging me to try new things, and it’s pretty cool.’

‘I’m glad. Sex is important. I sure as hell couldn’t do without it.’

‘You seeing anyone?’

‘Yeah, I’ve been seeing a bit of someone.’

‘When do we get to meet him?’

Kate, briefly distracted by the fan spinning overhead, now looked at Georgia and answered: ‘Oh. It’s nothing serious. More of a fuck friend. We’re just very compatible in bed. We meet; we have sex; he leaves. It’s good for both of us, I think.’

‘Oh. Ok.’

‘It’s only sex, but it’s good sex, and sometimes, that’s all you need—nothing more; nothing less—before getting back to the rest of your life.’

‘I guess.’

‘Did you ever ask him what happened to make him change?’ Kate asked. The coffee had come and Georgia was playing absent-mindedly with the mini cream container, fingering and poking it. Kate was anticipating an explosion, and in a way, hoping for one.

‘I did, once, but I don’t want to rock the boat. Life is so good lately. We’ve managed to reconnect emotionally in ways I had forgotten–I guess you could say we’re falling back in love–so I guess, I don’t really care what caused the change.’

‘Fair enough.’ There was no explosion. Things like to remain as they are, until you tear off their lids and pour out their contents.

‘Hey. We should all hang out together soon,’ Georgia said. ‘Hal really likes you. Though it’s only been those few times, you two always have so much fun together.’

‘Yeah. OK.’

‘Oh, and if you’re not sick of me yet, we can hang out again tonight, just the two of us. Maybe you can show me one of the other places you like eating at. Hal has a conference call with China. You know, with the 12 hr time difference, he has to take them at 9, 10 at night. He’s had quite a few of them lately.’

‘Sorry, I can’t. I have plans.’

‘A date with your mystery man?’

‘Yes, in fact.’

‘Fair enough.’

The bill came. ‘Oh, I’ll get this one,’ Georgia said, grabbing her handbag and starting to fish around inside it. ‘It’s the least I could do.’

‘Why on earth? I don’t remember buying you lunch.’

‘Just for listening, I guess.’

Say a command, Georgia’s Blackberry kept repeating, muffled in her bag till she finally found it and made it stop.

‘Sorry,’ she said, producing a credit card. ‘You just can’t control these things sometimes.’

Kate left, thinking about her date later that evening. About the man she would sleep with again. Had it already been four months? It was only sex, yes, but sex could obviously suffice in making the rest of one’s life tolerable, or even wonderful again.

By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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    Good one:)

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