50 and Counting / Thank You!

All right!  50 Drops down! That means I’ve been up and running for 10 weeks (and yes, half the time I am running to get the thing out on time). Anyway, I wanted to take the chance, here in the cooling shadow of this symbolic milestone, to pause and say thanks to everyone who has dropped by and read the pieces. Thanks to all of you who have followed, either through your own blog or by email, and those who have made comments and shared insights. I hope many more will follow suit. It’s nice to have your stuff read, and it makes me happy to see people enjoying them.

I will add, that though the Drops are short, each one takes some time to write and edit, and it would be a shame if it evaporates into the background the day after it is posted, when the new kid in town takes over – so I’d encourage you all to snoop around in the archives, read the stuff you haven’t read yet, or the ones you liked best again.

As a quick review, the following selection displays some variety (click on name for direct link):

#16 Balloon: On relationships’ complex problems, with an old lady doing something bizarre

#26 Dachshund: Character portraits of both humans and dogs

#28 Dedication: Tunes on the car radio – a take on parenting

#33 The Next Maggie: Plenty of description in this one, which outlines the fickleness of lust

#36 Banter: Comedic, dialogue-heavy piece meant only to amuse

#38 Bag: My version of a thriller

#41 Fiend: Short and sweet take on drugs and love

#44 Back in Town: On travel and friendship and how one affects the other

Each and every Drop can also all be found in The ‘DROPS’ category tab up top, which filters out other posts to feature them exclusively.

But rest assured, there will be a new Drop tomorrow, and all week, and every week thereafter. As I get further into this blog, I will try to add some elements to keep it interesting. I might do thematic weeks, try some edgy, experimental and more comedic writing, add some pics for visual stimulation etc., so be sure to keep up to date and check it out.

Thanks again. Look forward to seeing you back, and for you newbies, to have you return. If you follow, I will not disappoint.

EM Vireo

ps – For those of you on twitter, look me up @fictionflood too


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4 Responses to 50 and Counting / Thank You!

  1. Laura Besley says:

    I can definitely confirm they they take time to write and edit. Sometimes the editing takes longer than the writing of the story! Keep up the good work! :0)

  2. MCL says:

    Thank you for spoiling us with your brilliant pieces, love them!

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