Drop #47: Kiss

The club was crazy—a huge place with a massive sound system. They were playing some kind of electronic music I couldn’t name but the base was so big I felt it in my chest; actually, I felt it in my nipples too, which was a little freaky, but it was all good. I lost Connie after an hour but I felt OK alone, even if I was conscious of being older than everyone else. I have to say, it was fun being out at a club again, seeing the kids dancing, doing drugs, being irresponsible like I used to be so often.

Zev was his name: Israeli, with frizzy hair and a deep tan, and several years younger, of course. He was suddenly there, dancing beside me, and it just stayed that way for the rest of the night. He was really cute, with sideburns and a small goatee, and soft eyes, like a faithful dog, and in good shape too. He wasn’t big at all, but had tight muscles crawling out of his sleeveless T and I’ll admit that I found his biceps and shoulders really pretty. He wanted to give me some E but I passed. I did smoke some hash though, and drank a few overpriced drinks, so I felt quite nice.

After a while we took a break to have a smoke on the patio. The cool air felt great on my arms, bringing on a few pleasant little shivers. We smoked some more hash and had a few laughs and, timing it perfectly, Zev leaned in and kissed me. I knew he might but it still surprised me. I’m just not used to those situations anymore. I kissed him back; I really felt like it, and it was quite delicious. We made out for a few minutes without getting into anything heavy and it was just so exciting. I didn’t know how much I’d been missing a kiss from a stranger and I gave myself to it.

Back inside, I bought us a drink and we danced some more. I felt electric, powerful, generous and warm. I felt grateful and exhilarated. An hour later I said good-bye. Zev kissed me again. He seemed to accept it as the one-off thing it obviously was, and was sweet about it all. In the taxi, away from the thumping base, there was space for everything to overwhelm again, and I relived the night and it’s excitement, feeling the warmth once more; maybe it felt even fuller at an objective distance, after the fact. Getting out of the cab my legs wobbled as my heart sped up. I fumbled the keys in the lock and took the steps slowly. I fumbled them in the front door again, still alive with it, but nervous now too. And here I am.

Yes, here you are, he said.

I can’t believe it was only tens minutes ago, I arrived.

Maybe only nine.

I’m sorry I got you out of bed but I wanted to tell you right away. I wanted to tell you while I still had it all close by.

That’s alright, he said, yawning. I get to sleep every night of my life.

Anyway, she said, I needed you to know exactly what happened and how it made me feel. Neither of us has done anything like this before.

True, he said.

Not in five years, she added, glancing at the two empty champagne flutes in the sink, still unwashed from the other night. Listen, Jack, she added quickly: I need to know if you’re fine with this.

I’m fine with it, he said at once.

Seriously. Do you think we need to have a talk or something?

Not really. I’m happy for you, babe. I really am.

Good…Good. I was hoping you would be. I was really hoping I’d be able to share this with you.

Of course, he said, opening the fridge and squatting in front of it. And I’m glad you did. You hungry? You must be, right? I wouldn’t mind a small bite either.

               By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

4 Responses to Drop #47: Kiss

  1. Laura Besley says:

    Don’t know if I’m right, but I found the ending quite ambiguous. Thought that was a good thing – allows the reader to decide for themselves what has/hasn’t happened.

  2. Really nice. I like the transition from first to third perspective, and suddenly you see the story from another point of veiw. Within two sentences the whole story changes, all the feelings in the first half become different. Very interesting.

  3. germgirl says:

    What a renaissance man that guy seems to be.

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