Drop #41: Fiend

‘Will you pour me a drink?’

‘Sure. What would you like?’

‘The good stuff. Balvenie on the rocks.’



‘There’s no more Balvenie.’

‘What do you mean there’s no more Balvenie? We had a whole bottle. A litre.’

‘Yeah, it’s done.’

‘I never even tasted it.’


‘Yes. We only bought it six weeks ago!’

Exactly, he thought. Six whole weeks! He’d finished it in three. He poured them both a Johnny Walker rocks – he’d bought a bottle in the meantime, which was still half full. He poured himself another soon after.

Later that night they got ready to go out to a club. She looked great in a short gray dress and boots and he already looked forward to getting home so they could fuck, though it was nowhere near a sure thing.

‘Maybe I’ll have a small bump of coke before we leave,’ she said. ‘I’m feeling a bit tired.’


‘What is it?’


‘Don’t tell me you snorted all the coke too!’

‘It was only a gram and we have had it for more than two weeks!’

‘Jesus, Doug!’

‘What? I’m a fiend, baby. I thought you knew that.’

He really did, though he also knew she forgot it sometimes. Maybe it was something to do with love.

By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

4 Responses to Drop #41: Fiend

  1. Loved the end. Loved it all, but loved the end, the smash-bang of it. Same as with all your drops.

  2. elgourmethk says:

    Very cool post dude! The end was wicked! Still though how can you run out of Balvanie!

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