Drop #34: Shower

‘Listen, I’m done with this,’ she says. ‘I’m going to go take a shower.’


She grabs a change of clothing, leaves him sitting at the table, walks out of the dining room and through the main sitting area to the showers. They have lovely ones in the 1st class lounge, with enormous rain shower heads and great water pressure, wonderful little bottles of designer shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, and big, soft, fluffy towels. It’s so relaxing in there and she likes to take advantage of them before flying whenever possible.

She hadn’t planned on using them now but Gavin was being difficult and she wanted to get away for a few minutes. Actually, it isn’t easy to relax today, even as the warmth of the solid stream massages her neck, and scents of lemongrass and thyme mingle with the steam. She won’t call it a fight, but has to admit there have been many more petty arguments lately. Maybe it’s stress, she thinks, or frustration with that problem at work, but he has begun using a certain reprimanding, somewhat aggressive tone she just can’t stand, and she simply won’t let it slide every time. It’s not a big deal though, she reminds herself again, slipping into the luxurious bathrobe to dry and brush her hair. Everything will have returned to normal when I go back out to join him.

She thought he might have moved to the main lounge area to have his coffee, but he isn’t there. He must still be in the dining room then, but reaching it, she is met with a commotion. There are two short men in airport security uniforms standing to the side, talking and looking busy. Three waiters are replacing a table that has been knocked over and there’s some food lying on the floor in a small, aggressive pile with sharp bits of broken bowl scattered around it. Gavin is nowhere to be seen.

‘What happened here?’ she asks another traveler.

‘A man went crazy. Threw a table over shouting obscenities. I saw the whole thing.’


She is allowed into the little room where they are keeping him. They say they probably won’t charge him with anything but you never know, given the state of airport security.

‘What the hell happened, Gavin?’ she asks.

‘I just can’t solve it,’ he says, shaking his head. ‘I just can’t get it right with you. All the rest, yes, but not with you.’

‘It’s OK.’

‘No. It’s not.’ He looks up now, bitter-mouthed. ‘I keep doing again what I swear each time I won’t, and it makes me feel worse than anything else in life. It makes me wish I was dead.’

 By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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  1. I just nominated you for two awards: Versatile Blogger and Beautiful Blogger. You don’t have to post them, I just wanted to share. http://wp.me/s2b2NZ-awards is the link to the post

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