Drop #32: Apology

Seated on the bamboo couch, I take in the view: a sharp slab of blue sky between two run down skyscrapers; a trusty brick wall cloaked in sheets of paint and graffiti; a rusted van parked on a slope beyond the gate. Sometimes cities can be so pretty.

I watch a perfectly bi-colored wasp (deep orange and black) work the few scattered clumps of short grass, some of which boast round white flowers, its wings dispersing dust and small leaves as it hovers, like helicopters do in war movies.

I had to apologize to her again this morning, for last night. I keep getting it wrong, drinking heavily, unaware as I pass that invisible line. Thirsty and fragile at dawn, I sift through new evidence of old flaws, devastatingly sober.

I want a beer, cause it will taste so good, and be such a comfort, but I’m scared of where it will lead. I can’t afford any more mistakes. I haven’t been able to for years now. In the long chronicle of things ruined, it’s numbing and sickening to know I am the common denominator.

I look over to the left at different scenery: stacked plastic chairs, an empty stage, a statue of twisted wire, and a small kiosk where people have lined up. Spaghetti and sauce hug the dirt beside an upturned paper bowl. There’s nothing sadder than food spilled on the floor and just left there to be trampled.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

4 Responses to Drop #32: Apology

  1. Estar says:

    Like this one the best so far, keep em coming! 🙂

  2. Intense Hsiu says:

    Hmm, I agree with Mr Voroso. One of this per day falls way too short. Mehr bitte

    • EM Vireo says:

      Haha. I’m glad you like them, and want more, but believe me, one a day is already quite a lot to keep up with. There’s always a new one tomorrow, right.

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