Drop #30: Come Visit

‘Oh it’s great this time of year,’ Sam said, topping up glasses till the bottle ran dry. ‘Warm days and cooler nights, and the mosquitoes are less of a hazard.’ He was sitting on the low gray couch with Mary, Glenn and Ray. Melinda sat on the Eames chair to the side. All were listening.

‘Perfect swimming weather now,’ Sam went on, ‘and we just finished the pool house too. Makes it much easier. You can stay outside all day and barbecue and swim and tan. Yeah, we’ll definitely go out again this weekend. It’s squid season. Only lasts two weeks but if you know what you’re doing, you can clean up. I’ll have calamari in the freezer for weeks. There’s a great new restaurant in town too though. Best sole filet I’ve ever had, and a top wine list. Kay likes the ceviche. You can eat right out on the beach to the sound of the waves. Lovely spot.’

‘Yeah,’ Glenn said.

But it’s nice just staying at home too. We’re getting plenty of use out of the bar and we hooked up satellite TV for movies and games and stuff. There’s a neat little market just down the road with fresh local produce—eggs and cheese too—so we often just get stuff there and veg out all day after a big breakfast or late lunch.’

‘Sounds charming,’ said Ray, getting up. ‘I’m going to check out the dips.’

‘Oh, I’ll come with you,’ said Melinda.

When they were gone, Sam turned to Glenn and Mary. ‘I think this is the best month, really. It’s less crowded but still active and the sunsets are to die for. You should really come out there some time.’

‘What?’ Mary asked.

‘You guys should come out to the summer house. It’s perfect this time of year.’

‘But we were there less than six weeks ago,’ Glenn said.


‘We spent the whole weekend there. We had great weather. We went on the boat. We made lobster. We met your neighbors and had cocktails.  You loved my Bloody Marys. It was one of the best weekends all year.’

‘Oh yes. Of course.’

‘You don’t even remember!’ Mary said.

‘Of course I do.’

‘Maybe now, yeah, but you didn’t, did you?’

‘Sure I did. I was just distracted.’

‘Jesus, Sam!’

‘I told you,’ Sam insisted, looking down, ‘I remember perfectly,’ then away. A tall redhead in a revealing, low-cut dress was talking to Ray and Melinda at the snacks table. Maybe he’d go sample the dip too.

 By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

One Response to Drop #30: Come Visit

  1. Intense Hsiu says:

    I can listen to the wind, thanks.

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