Drop #24: Late

He goes to the airport to meet her, recalling their recent argument. It was more of a discussion, he tells himself again, but discussions leave less bitter tastes. She had said he was selfish; that he never surprised her; never came to get her when she returned from a business trip – so here he is, of his own accord.

It’s true, he thinks, I neglect her. I am not enthusiastic when she calls. I don’t do the small things, which team up to matter. Everything is an opportunity. Actions and inactions rarely stay neutral.

He is early, so the wait is long, but soon, it starts to feel too long. Maybe she has been delayed. Maybe her bags got lost. He thinks of calling but prefers to wait it out. There is still some value in surprise.

Still, she does not come.

He checks the arrivals board. Her plane landed a while back. He checks the arrival hall. He is at the right one.

Finally, he calls.

‘Where are you?’ he asks, trying to sound normal.

‘In a cab. I’m almost home. Why?’

‘I’m at the airport.’


‘I’ve been at Arrival Hall A for the last hour. I didn’t see you.’

‘I went out at B. I had to pee.’

‘Why didn’t you call when you landed, or when you were on the airport train? You always call.’

‘You said the other night when we were arguing–’


‘Yeah, when we were having our discussion, you said I call too much, that we are too dependent on one another, so I decided to give you your space and not bother you.’

‘God. Okay. I guess I’ll come home then.’

‘Yeah. Try and hurry. I don’t have my keys.’

 By E.M. Vireo

About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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