I was supposed to be posting a big Japan post today but it’s not ready. I tried, but I couldn’t manage. I even took shortcuts trying to get it done on time. I got eating out of the way early so I didn’t have to do it later. I manhandled some lettuce and a tomato into a bowl, and ate it dry with my hands. I didn’t chew; I just swallowed. I didn’t check email and refused to answer all calls, even those from my personal shopper and acupuncturist. I didn’t tie my shoelaces, pull up my socks or button my fly all day. I only watched two Simpsons reruns instead of my usual five, didn’t hand shave the ice for my evening spritzer, and resolved to wipe only once. But still, I ran out of time. So, I’ll post it tomorrow, pictures and all, guaranteed.

Of course, I’m still posting a new Drop, #12: A Bear of a Dog. Find it below.


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