Drop #11: Settling

‘You wanna pick up the book Jen suggested on the way home?’

‘No thanks,’ I say.

‘Didn’t you say you were interested?’

‘I did.’

‘Well, we’re going right past the bookstore and it’s open late.’

‘I have no interest in the book. I was lying.’


‘Honestly, I don’t trust Jen’s taste for shit when it comes to books, movies, music—you name it. I hated the last two novels she suggested and I won’t do another. A man has his limits, you know.’

‘Fair enough.’

Bernice invites me in and I accept, even if I know it means trouble. I take the coffee she offers even though what I really want is a drink. Honestly, I always want a drink. I don’t really want Bernice, but she’s here, and since I’m here too, I’ll settle for her fat thighs and chubby cunt tonight. Coffee and a slice of chunky cunt: it has a certain ring to it.

‘Good cup of joe,’ I say, and she looks at me like I’m an idiot, which makes me think she’s settling too.

‘Want to sleep in the cot or in my bed?’ she asks later, yawning, and in that accent that can’t be placed – not Russian or Puerto Rican; just sadly human.

‘I’ll sleep with you,’ I say. ‘If you’ll have me.’

‘Oh, goody.’ She grabs the comforter off the floor. ‘Do you make everything sound like a Victorian drama?’

‘No, only the dramatic parts.’

She doesn’t acknowledge my humor, getting up and motioning for me to follow. I worry about my dick’s ability as I stand up and shuffle across the carpet. I’m not sure it will find its feet.

Her bed is soft and the comforter warm. I could just sleep now but a minute in, a heavy thigh crashes onto my knee and I’m called to duty.

In the morning I count on the strong scented tea to return me to life but it fails. I smile and exchange pleasantries, but I’m discouraged with the knowledge that I have to carry on. That further whole days will come.

By E.M. Vireo


About EM Vireo
flooding the world with fiction

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