Drop #4: One Song

Christina’s brother, Mikki, and his wife, Wu only came to town every three or four months, so she’d spend the whole day with them, as usual. They were a fun, well-off couple and always filled these days with singular activities, paying for everything.

She met them at the new restaurant on 3rd, the one with all the rave reviews. Brunch was good and went on for a couple of hours, allowing for plenty of mimosa and Bloody Mary refills. Wu knew the sous-chef, who came out to say hello and made a special, one-of-a-kind dessert for them. Then they took a cab to a small playhouse in The Village and watched an off-off Broadway show full of quirk and humor. Afterwards, they had a drink with the actors who were all very interesting and nice, and quite generous with their drugs. Leaving the actors, they strolled through the park at dusk, where a boy on a bench smiled at Christina as she walked by.

They took a cab to Irving Plaza, which was closed, but a guy in skinny jeans and a ratty jacket came out through a backdoor and the three of them followed him into the building where tonight’s act: The Jermans were doing their sound check. They were pretty famous but Christina had never heard their stuff. They sat in the empty concert hall listening to The Jermans jam, but didn’t stay for the show, heading off the have dinner at another top restaurant, where they drank another bottle of expensive wine. Afterwards, they headed for a party in a big apartment filled with good-looking people and bottles of excellent champagne. George Clooney was there, and apparently, Blake Lively was too, though Christina didn’t know who that was. Clooney spoke to her for twenty minutes or so and was charming enough.

Getting home after two, Christina took a seat in front of her computer, put on her Bose headphones, and listened to the song that had been in her head all day. Though the rest of the day had been lovely, none of its complex, framed events could compare to this simple, accessible pleasure—well, the stranger in park’s smile had come close.

By E.M. Vireo


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