It Begins

The tabs up top describe all this but as a courtesy I’ll sum it up again here: The Drop is the tool I’ll use to flood the world with fiction. Drops are brief pieces of original fiction and I’m going to write and publish five a week on this blog over the next year, starting today. So, there will be a new one tomorrow, and the day after, and barring weekends, every day for twelve months. Maybe, on occasion, I’ll post one on a weekend and take a weekday off, but there will be five a week, always. That makes 260 in a year. The idea is to get something (in this case, many things), into the world hoping that those who read them will gain value in some way. All writing longs for an audience, so I offer these Drops to anyone who’s interested.

The first one’s called, A Chilly Wind. Find it below.


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flooding the world with fiction

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